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  L’île de Trébéron on the left hand side.

On the second picture one can see the lazaret.

  The last picture is a view of the three buildings of the powder magazine built on the île aux morts in 1807.


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   Two islets : Tréberon and l’Ile aux morts ( two islands named Trébéron, a breton name, and the island of the dead).

   Theirs is a very tragic story for such little rocks in the middle of the huge bay of Brest.

Just little rocks ? Not really.

   The Ile aux Morts conceals fresh water underground. It was first cultivated.

   Then it was annexed by the military in the 18th cent.

It was then used as a quarantaine area for coming ship crews in order to prevent epidemics.

   In 1756 the ships commanded by Dubois de la Motte sailed back to Brest with on their boards 1000 men infected with typhus.

   Part of them were isolated on Treberon. But in spite of these precautions, the epidemic spread on the peninsula, decimating entire families. The disease also made quite a few vistims in Brest and area.

   Some 20 years later, the French Navy had a lazaret built on on the island to improve the life condition of the sick. The convicts of Brest’s penal colony were used as nurses. The food was brought to the island by the population of Roscanvel.

  In the 1830, the lazaret stopped being used and was replaced by the military hospital in Brest.

  In 1870 broke out the Commune of Paris socialist revolution. After the fall of the Commune, many revolutionary were interned in the Quelern fortress and on pontoons on the bay. The lazaret of Treberon was re-opened for the sick prisoners who were very little taken care of.

  Then, in the 20th cent., the lazaret was used as a sanatorium until 1911.