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  The Fort de la Pointe belongs to the same category of architecture as the Fort de Cornouaille. It now hosts an exhibit on the peninsula military walls.

  The fortifications around the headland date back to the 19th cent.

  They have additional batteries at sea level.


  The Pointe des espagnols is the beauty spot of the peninsula with a fantastic view on Brest and its bay.

  It is a highly historical place.


    In 1594 during the French religious civil war, the Spaniards invaded the peninsula with the purpose to control the sound and consequently the city of Brest.

  The Spaniards were allied with a few catholic breton lords who were fighting the protestants and refused to accept Henri IV as their king.

  They felt that the king’s recent conversion to catholicism sounded a little too political to be true.

   In this conflict, the English, who had recently failed to take the castle of Brest defended by Sourdéac, were now the allies of the king of France.