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    In the 18th century, the military realized that the Roscanvel fortress designed by Vauban  a century before had a weak point. That was a little inlet located inside the fortness area from which ennemies could land and invade the Roscanvel peninsula. 

  Near this strand already existed a bow-shaped platform protected by a levee and defended by a battery of guns.There also exixted a cannonball oven.

   During the French revolution more barracks were built, a powder magazine as well as a wall with a number of small loopholes set in it, in order to forbid any access to the inlet from the sea.

  As these improvements were taking place during the French revolution, the fort was named La Fraternité in the fashion of that period.



  The Germans also built some constructions on the south bank of the inlet during WWII.(2)



  As soon as the end of the XIXth cent., the local people began to pull down the unused buildings to build their own houses on the peninsula. ((1)the fort as could be seen before it was demolished)